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Logo Design, Melbourne, Australia

Reach new levels in the market with unique LOGO DESIGN services in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA.

Lettermarks or Monogram logos

Usually consisting of brand initials stylized in a simple manner, representing the organization. These types of logos are effective enough to streamline the name of any company brand. The fonts play a significant role here.

Wordmarks or Logotypes

A wordmark logo is also a font-based logo which focuses on the name of the business. It works well with easily memorable and catchy names combined with sturdy typography. This combined effect helps in creating strong brand recognition.

Pictorial Marks or Logo Symbols

Also known as a brand mark logo, this is a graphics-based logo. The image choice is a vital factor here. This image will stick with the name of the company and will become a part of its existence.

Abstract Logo Marks

This is also a type of pictorial logo, an abstract symbolical and geometrical representation of the business. It condenses the brand within a single image. Through bold, unique colours and forms, the meaning of the brand can be attributed.


The mascots are logos which involves an illustrated character that represents the company. This is a great technique that creates a wholesome atmosphere with an attractive appeal to families and children.

Combination Mark

This type of logo comprises of a letter mark or wordmark with a mascot, abstract mark or pictorial mark. This combination reinforces the name of your brand and creates a greater appeal.

A landmark technique to become successful in your business.

Well-executed detailed planning

We carefully plan all our projects, from the very beginning for best results.

Wide Range of Selection

The clients are free to choose from a wide range of innovative designs. We also customize our designs to fulfil the client’s requirements.


Our unique and effective logo design services are refined to fulfil the needs and requirements of our clients. We keep upgrading our libraries to keep pace with the changing demands and needs.

Improve your business growth with the most innovative Logo Design techniques and complete customer satisfaction.

Techbae is considered to be the most popular logo design company in Melbourne, Australia. With a wide range of attractive designs and upgraded methods and techniques, Techbae is an expert in the industry. The team members of the company are well-experienced and perform their job well.


A logo is not just a design or an image. It is an important foundation through which the clients associate with the brand and business. A well-designed and effective logo serves as one of the easiest ways to convey to the customers that your business is trustworthy, professional and provides quality services.
When it comes to branding the fact “a picture is worth a thousand words” proves to be 100% true. But the logo has to be simple, memorable; then only it will attract potential customers into the domain of business. A professional logo projects the personality of the company and keeps your business stand apart and ahead of your competitors.
Leading logo design service companies in Melbourne, Australia like Techbae use a plethora of most advanced techniques and resources to create a welcoming difference in the industry. We understand the varied needs of our clients and utilize the potential and expertise of our competent team members to serve the purpose with complete customer satisfaction.
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Why choose Techbae for all your logo design needs?


We always rely on the latest technology and most advanced techniques to fulfil the needs of our clients. Our team members are highly creative and innovative in their approach.


We never disclose single confidential information to any irrelevant party. All the client information and data are safe in our hands.


Our expert team members focus on the maximum optimization of business of the client which in turn enhances our business prospects. Our unique business strategies help us to be successful.
Choose Techbae to meet all your logo design requirements in Melbourne, Australia.


Put all your logo design queries to rest once and for all.

How much time is required to create a logo?
While performing any project, sudden unprecedented challenges keep cropping up. But with years of experience, you can understand the pattern and deal with them fast. But on average, a professional logo design project does not require more than 3 weeks.
Can you design a logo without identity project?
For us, a logo design is incomplete without visual identity design. Therefore, we do not design a logo that way. It is a vital tool for visual communication and cannot exist without that support.
How many logo variations could be designed?
Only if the first variant fails to fulfil your requirements, then only we work for a second variant.
Is a graphic symbol required in the logo?
It isn’t compulsory. Depending on the needs, we work on it.
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