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Brochure Design, Melbourne, Australia

Get the most innovative range of brochure design services at Techbae in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. Being the top-rated company of the country, Techbae is the expert solution to your query.

Tri-folded formats

The tri-fold brochures are versatile and easily attracts the clients and are generally used for basic marketing campaigns.

Presentation Folders

A sort of bi-fold brochure, these are intended for expert presentation of the business material. They are highly effective for promotional use.

Bi-fold formats

The bi-fold brochures are more formal than tri-fold ones and are generally used for catalogues, tradeshows, presentations, etc.


Inserts are specially designed to co-ordinate with the folders. These inserts allow the folders to be better configured for every individual client. These are mostly used for preparing sales sheets, specs sheets or any other promotional piece.

Saddle-stitched Booklet

Stapled or saddle-stitched booklet is one of the most popular varieties of a brochure. The booklets are a set of a multi-page bi-fold brochure that are bound together.

Perfect Bound Booklet

This is the technique that is mostly followed for preparing books. This technique perfectly suits for preparing catalogues and brochures with several pages and that need to be formal and long-lasting.

Careful Planning

Our expert team carefully plans and researches the project in the initial stage. Then the plan is executed to meet the needs and demands of the client.

Wide Range of Selection

The clients are free to choose from a wide range of innovative designs. We also customize our designs to fulfil the client’s requirements.

Constant Upgradation

We constantly keep our resources upgraded and rely on the most advanced technology for the best interest of our clients. Our careful monitoring makes our team even more strong.

Enhance your business growth with the most innovative brochure design techniques with complete customer satisfaction.

Techbae is considered to be the most popular brochure design company in Melbourne, Australia. With a wide range of attractive designs and upgraded methods and techniques, Techbae is an expert in the industry. The team members of the company are well-experienced and perform their job well.


A well-designed, attractive and eye-catching brochure sets the primary introduction of your business with the target audience. If carefully and accurately distributed, these brochures enhance the prospects of any business to a considerable extent. It increases the visibility of the business amongst the target audience and influences their perception and acceptance. Brochures are highly effective marketing tools for creating a new customer base.
The brochures are competent tools to attract the attention of potential customers especially in the case of new businesses with budget constraints. These pocket-friendly promotional tools are very influential and effective for successful business growth.
With Techbae, you put all your worries to rest. Our carefully planned designs possess a certain edge and carve out a niche for itself. Our unique designs help the prospects of the business to grow to a large extent amidst its competitors.
Looking for reliable brochure design services in Australia? Contact us at Techbae today!

Why choose Techbae for all your brochure design needs?

Advanced techniques and methods

We rely on the most advanced technologies and techniques to fulfil the requirements of our clients.


We never disclose any confidential information of our clients. We rely on advanced security measures to maintain the secrecy of information.


Our expert team members focus on the maximum optimization of business of the client which in turn enhances our business prospects. Our unique business strategies help us to be successful.
Are you searching for top-notch brochure design solutions in Melbourne, Australia? Techbae is your one-stop solution to fulfil all your needs in the market. With a wide range of unique designs and effective techniques, we deliver flawless services maintaining transparency.


Put all your brochure design queries to rest once and for all.

How long does it take to design a tri-fold brochure?
This time factor depends on several aspects. A winning design requires careful planning, dedication and well-monitored execution for the best results. Logo, typography, colour palette, copywriting, sizing and target market—all these factors need to be considered before beginning the project. As soon as these factors are resolved, we begin it and complete it as soon as possible.
Can you print on recycled paper?
Considering the contemporary environmental needs, we do have the option for brochure printing on recycled paper. For further in-depth information, you have to contact us.
How do I view the proofs?
Once we complete your project, we send you an e-mail link to open and review the project. You will not require any passwords for opening the link. You can easily review it from there and send your valuable feedback for any additions and alterations.
Do you have professional stock pictures and images?
We possess an enriched collection of professional-looking stock pictures, graphics, artworks and images. We constantly upgrade our stock to keep pace with time and changing demands.
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