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Listed Public Apps

Each and every public app that passes through the extensive approval process of Shopify possesses a profile page on the Shopify App Store.

Custom Apps

These apps are mainly built for developers creating an app customized for a single trader. Easily installable from Shopify Store, they do not require to pass through any approval procedure.

Standalone Apps

These apps are authenticated to interact with Shopify APIs and are not connected in the Shopify admin. these apps cannot use the app extensions

Unlisted Public Apps

Unlike the listed ones, these public apps do have a profile page on the Shopify App Store. Depending on the nature, type or model of the business, you can choose if you want to keep it listed or unlisted.

Private Apps

Such apps are meant for private developers creating an app for a particular business with certain typical requirements not fulfilled by custom apps. These are created for a one Shopify store or a small group of clients.

Embedded Apps

These apps have their individual infrastructure but reflect directly in the Shopify admin or frame. Eligible to use Shopify app Bridge, they can access app extensions.


The steps for acquiring a
successful business.

Planning and Research
Planning and Research

Our competent team members use their expertise to carefully plan and research the project. The research work is essential to understand the needs, requirements and demands of the client in a better way.


We always rely on the most advanced form of the latest technology for maximum benefit. This approach leads us to success.

Constant Monitoring
Constant Monitoring

We constantly monitor our methods and techniques and keep upgrading ourselves as and when needed. Punctual up-gradation is needed for smooth sail in the industry.


Witness the quality Shopify development services from the top-rated Shopify development services in Melbourne, Australia.


Shopify is best suited for those stores which sell goods or/and services which need minimal configuration. Since e-commerce has turned over the business scenario, this is an important tool to keep pace with the changing demands of the age. Shopify has become an indispensable part of succeeding in online business. 

It does not take much to set up a Shopify account and is user-friendly too. The platform itself is automatic and offers all the relevant software and hosting that is required to launch a website. Bundling up various types of professional templates, it facilitates the creation of attractive and unique online business stores. Moreover, the Shopify platform possesses several types of customization facilities to meet your needs perfectly. With exceptional rapid loading speed, Shopify is secured and reliable at the same time. 

Being mobile responsive is a vital factor for the success of Shopify. With every passing day, the number of mobile shoppers is increasing. With competent and optimized SEO content, Shopify remains always updated as the most advanced online marketing tool. 

At Techbae, we carefully judge and study the requirements of our clients and then proceed accordingly. Our expert team members always keep themselves updated for maximum success.

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Innovative Technology

At Techbae, we use the most advanced technology for Shopify development which sets your business apart from the rest.


Being the most trusted Shopify Development service company in Melbourne, Australia, we maintain the confidentiality of our clients.


We are proud to be of service to our clients and customers throughout the day to settle any query.

Being rated as the most efficient Shopify Development service centres in Melbourne, Techbae is the solution to all your online-business related queries!


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Is Shopify the best E-commerce platform?

Shopify is regarded as one of the most recommended E-commerce platforms. Expertly designed with several user-friendly features, Shopify possesses millions of apps and a plethora of built-in features.

Is Shopify safe to order from?

Shopify is one of the most trusted and recommended E-commerce platform. Adorned with strong security measures, Shopify is perfectly safe for online shopping. This is probably the safest platform to start your own E-commerce business.

Do big companies use Shopify?

Since E-commerce has changed the entire concept of marketing making it far more digitized, Shopify has captured the market since its inception. As the platform is user-friendly, it possesses solutions to each type of probable business problems. Starting from small start-ups, renowned brands are also using this platform and popularizing it even further.

What does a Shopify developer do?

The Shopify developers exclusively specialize in the web development of Shopify websites. They competently and deftly handle the issue with effective measures.