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Mobile app development

Our app development experts design smooth-functioning for handheld devices. Wow your customers with an unparalleled digital experience.

Cross-platform app development

Want your app to be accessible across all devices and platforms in Australia? Techbae specialises in developing hybrid apps functional on mobiles and desktops with the same code.

AR and VR app development

Augmented reality and virtual reality have added a whole new dimension to the world of business. We harness this unique technology to create extraordinary apps for your company in Melbourne.

Cloud application development

Today’s world operates on cloud storage systems like Azure, Docker, and Google. We help you utilise this revolutionary technology via effective cloud app development.

UI/UX design strategy

Nothing matters more than a quality user experience. Our app development agency uses well-researched strategies to develop optimal and scalable UI/UX solutions for your applications.

App maintenance and servicing

At Techbae, we understand the need for regular app monitoring and modifications for a high-functioning result. Hence, we provide end-to-end maintenance and support.


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We believe in creating a shared understanding between the client and the app development experts for every project. Our discovery phase is dedicated to learning the company and industry background, with in-depth research.

Iterative development
Iterative development

We do not believe in taking shortcuts. Our rigorous iterative app development services include steps like UI/UX design, app strategy creation, faultless coding, and constant consultation with the client about their needs and wants.

Testing and launch
Testing and launch

As one of the best app development companies, Techbae conducts rigorous client acceptance testing and necessary modifications. The flawless app passes through a soft launch, followed by the grand unveiling.


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The advent of the internet has taken businesses online. Today, having a dedicated app for your business is crucial to have maximum customer outreach. A well-designed app lets users access your products and services, learn more about your company, and contact you by just tapping a few keys. In today’s world, apps are used for the widest range of services. Be it a salon, a restaurant, a library, or a school, app development agencies in Australia are roped in for developing apps.

Efficient app development refers to the creation of functional computer applications. These applications must be usable on a variety of devices such as mobile phones, desktops, smart watches, and tablets.  In the case of mobile applications, in-built smartphone features like motion sensors, cameras, as well as location awareness may be used effectively to create applications with a unique user experience. These inventive apps may be used for commute apps such as bike or cab sharing. 

Apart from device variety, efficient and robust application development also ensures functionality across different operating systems. So, a dynamic cross-platform app must be equally accessible on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. Further, robust app development services also take care of the responsiveness of an across all platforms. 

Out of all available Melbourne app development companies, Techbae leads the market due to its exceptional prowess at app development. Be it native app development, cross-platform mobile app development or augmented reality-based app development, our company leads the way in revolutionary technology development. We construct reusable codes with maximum efficiency for all your app development needs. Our expertise ranges across a large gamut of industries, be it hospitality, IT, education, or retail. We focus on understanding client needs and perform a thorough competitive analysis. Accordingly, we develop the best apps to help our clients scale the mountain of success with ease.

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Our team of experts is dedicated to developing quality apps for all your requirements. We focus on top-notch service quality with the help of the best technology, innovation, and hard work.


As the most popular Australia app development agency, we take the responsibility for timely completion and delivery of projects, without any compromise on quality.


Our customer support team is there at all times to assist you with all your queries and issues. We are committed to the business needs of every client and hence, we are here for you 24×7.

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What are the different platforms on which apps can be built?

When it comes to smart phones, app development can be undertaken on iOS, Android, and Windows. HTML5 can also be used for hybrid app development.

What are the various app roles and permissions required?

Content access, data access, and feature access are the three main permissions and roles that an app operates on. A reliable app development agency in Melbourne like Techbae can assist you in achieving the perfect combination of these permissions for your app.

Is it possible to develop an existing app?

Yes. Apart from constructing an app from scratch, it is also possible to develop an existing app based on the framework already in place. Efficient migration services can come in handy for this purpose.

Why should I prefer Techbae over other app development companies in Australia?

Techbae is the leading provider of app development service in Australia due to the company’s unique blend of innovation, reliability, efficiency, and commitment towards building the perfect app for your business.