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5 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Social Media Stories

5 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Social Media Stories

Big brands can utilize this popularity to direct their market growth. Short messages can easily get conveyed within these ten to twelve seconds. Almost all social networking sites have added this feature on their hat. Now YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp also have this story part. 

The social media optimization services Melbourne should get done effectively. From the beginning of mankind, humans have loved the stories. Stories were always the centre of attraction. Go with the best content marketing agency in Melbourne so that you can receive maximum views. 

How do stories work for big brands?

From the historic age, stories have this special ability to attract the listener or the reader. Information that can keep his viewers attached is the successful one. Big brands can inculcate their ideas on the viewer’s mind and can make their audience think like them so that they can receive a great response on the revenue of their products. 

Check out the benefitting side 

Social media stories are the newest feature, which the brands should know how to utilize. Benefitting from the utterly unknown feature can get challenging for the brands. Brands should hire the best social media optimization company in Melbourne to make this happen. Let us take a look at the five ways by which brands can benefit themselves from social media stories.

  1. Adding locations in stories: Active social media users put the check-ins in social media wherever they visit. They tag the name of the place or the sites. On Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp stories people put up a location sticker. This way brand earns more recognition and makes more reach. 
  2. Giving Shoutouts to the brands: The brands can make free giveaway contests or can arrange for games where winners can win a free kit of the brand. The receiver of the kit should mention the company name in their social media stories and would tell people about the advantages of the products. 
  3. Effective use of Polls: Now, big brands can easily receive public reviews on their products by arranging the polls on Instagram and Facebook stories. The companies then can mend and build their product according to the public’s choice. 
  4. Re-posting: whenever someone tags the brand on their stories, the brand can repost that story on their account on Instagram. These activities can encourage more people to tag the brands in their stories.
  5. Swipe-up links: If the brands want their viewers to go through any website, then they can put a link on the story. The viewer has to swipe up the information and redirect to a page where the brands want them to visit. In this way, they can increase more public views on their websites. 


It may look effortless but in practical life without the help of the Best SEO agency in Melbourne the company can’t make any huge difference. 

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