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5 Simple Ways to Improve App Store Ranking

5 Simple Ways to Improve App Store Ranking

Boosting up the rank of your app in the app store is very important for a web developer. A positive impression on the user always matters in app store optimisation. An Android application development company in Melbourne or an iPhone application development company in Melbourne is expected to always keep some important points in concern.

These help your mobile phone application to boost up it’s ranking in the app store. As a result, visitors will not think twice while downloading the app. Here, the factors concerned with App Store Optimisation are discussed below.

  • User Rating: More than 85% of users make decisions depending upon the user ratings. 80% of the visitors rely on user reviews also. According to some of the top android application development agencies in Melbourne, your application needs at least a 4-star rating to be at the top of the ranking by the app store. But a high average rating is also good for visibility in search engines. Otherwise, it becomes a troublesome experience to find out an app with poor user ratings.
  • Be open towards feedbacks: A developer should not expect that the users will give positive feedbacks only. Many feedbacks come which appear to be very much frustrating towards the developer. You must deal with the negative feedbacks very calmly with patience. You must apologize in reply to the negative review and discuss where the exact problem was. Consider the negative reviews to be key to improvement. Show them that you are trying to get it from their point of view.
  • Identify your target users: Everybody, who has downloaded your application, not necessarily is going to like it. Many of them will of course uninstall your app. They are not your target users. You have to understand the user engagement, for improvement in the ranking of your app. It is obvious that you do not want poor reviews from the least engaged people. So, identify the most engaged users and ask for feedback from them. It is expected that they will give positive feedback. It will be helpful to the ranking of the app.
  • Know the proper time to ask for rating: The most common mistake made by the developers while asking for ratings is making it too early. You need to understand that your users need time to enjoy your application. Ask for rating at proper timing. It should be a eureka moment for the user. At the moment when the user gets benefits from the app, you should ask for rating and feedback. As that is the true happy moment for the user, there remains a high probability to get positive reviews and good ratings.
  • Make rating mandatory: Showcasing the benefits of rating towards the users is really a good strategy. Suppose that you are asking for a rating after a level in a game is complete and until the rating is given, the user cannot proceed to the next level. Then nobody will leave the app without a rating. This is how gaming applications get a much higher rating than other normal apps.

Final Thoughts

Keeping these in concern, most of the mobile app development services in Melbourne keep their app at a good position in the app store. 

Australian mobile app development agency Techbae always takes these points into concern while dealing with clients, so that they can see their apps at a good position in the app store.


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